Packing Your Make Up Bag For a Trip

I officially hate packing. I love going away, but I hate packing. I make a plan in my head on which clothes and shoes I am going to take, but when it comes to cosmetics I always leave it till the last minute. Okay, maybe the last 10 minutes. And I think I know why. Living in the UK means I usually travel by plane and in most cases, I take only hand luggage. This means I can only take a limited number of cosmetic products, with a maximum volume of 100ml each. Not that I use that many products anyway, but when you start preparing things like a face cream, shampoo, body moisturiser, shower gel, toothpaste, make up remover, sun screen etc., it starts to add up really quickly.

After I get things ready, what I like to do is to separate liquids and creams from solid and powder items like make up.

I always take as many multifunctional products as I can. It’s worth thinking about it; can your moisturiser double up as a night cream? Can you use your body butter as a hand cream? But the most important thing in this case is the size. What fits within the 100ml regulations? Can you decant stuff into smaller containers? Or can you take solid replacements?

Here is a list of items that I recently took on a short trip to Naples:

1. Face moisturiser – Daily Mousse 1.0 – 50 ml

My go-to moisturiser from our range for the summer. Nice and light, non greasy, absorbs really quickly and it can be used under make up. It contains carrot oil which gives your skin a beautiful glow and highlights the tan.

Daily Face Mousse 1.0 for young and oily skin

2. Make up remover/cleanser – Cleanse – Face Oil – 30ml

This is a great multitasking cleanser. I use it to remove make up and every evening to clean my face. You can use it in conjunction with a konjac sponge or a muslin cloth, or simply with cotton pads.

Cleanse Face Oil

3. Eye cream – Calendula & Lavender Soothing Eye Treatment – 15ml

My eyes are very sensitive and, especially in hotter climates, they become quite irritated. I found that this balm really helps to soothe any irritations (you can read a post about the eye care here). I use it before bed, after removing make up/cleansing my face and it really works miracles. Tip: you can use it to soothe any insect bites, sunburns or razor burns thanks to the extracts of lavender and calendula. It brings instant relief.

Calendula & Lavender Soothing Eye Treatment

4. Body moisturiser or after sun care – Citrus Body Mist – 100ml

I prefer to moisturise straight after shower and this is the perfect solution. Use it on the wet skin before towelling off and let it absorbs fully. Very quick and convenient way to keep your skin in a great condition, even in the hottest climates.

Citrus Body Mist

5. Night cream or serum – Carrot Face & Neck Elixir – 10ml

Technically I didn’t need to take it. I am perfectly happy using the Daily Mousse 1.0 as a night cream, especially when I am going away only for a couple of days. But, I do love it so much, I couldn’t resist! I find it very soothing and restorative after the sun exposure. So let’s just say this was my bonus item ????

Carrot Face & Neck Elixir

6. Shampoo bar – 50g

I use a lot of different shampoos at home, I like to chop and change, but when I travel I prefer to take a solid shampoo. It doesn’t count as liquid, so it doesn’t take up the valuable space. And solid shampoos are so incredibly kind to your hair. Win win, I say. Check out this French brand Lamazuna for some good options or a Bristol-based Amphora Aromatics.

7. Deodorant

Again, why not try a solid option? I make my own, but you can find a great selection online. From natural alum stones to starch based deodorants, the choice is yours. For some good solid deodorant options you could try Lamazuna or Pachamamai.

8. Soap instead of a shower gel

I am starting to repeat myself ???? Think about swapping the shower gel for a delicate soap and save yourself some space. I am currently using a charcoal soap from a Polish brand called ZEW.

9. Solid toothpaste

Bored, are you? Yet again, try Pachamamai, Lamazuna or Lush. Alright, I’m finished with the solid replacement chat.

10. Sun protection – 50ml

There is recently a much better choice of brands with a good ingredient list. Sun protection is tricky to formulate if you want to stick to natural ingredients, and not always possible. But you can choose from brands such as Acorelle, Lavera, Weleda, 100% Pure etc. and you won’t have to compromise. I find that for the British summer using a face moisturiser and a layer of mineral powder is sufficient enough. For the body, I am currently using the Lavera products. Learn on my mistakes though, make sure you test you sun cream before you start roasting yourself in the strong summer sun. Be sure to know how long it protects you for and that it doesn’t give you an allergic reaction. Save yourself nasty (and painful) holiday memories.

11. Make up – Mineral powder

A good alternative to the liquid foundation. I have been using mineral make up for years now and, for me, there is no going back. We are currently working hard on a line of mineral powders, so for now you will have to shop elsewhere. Try Anabelle Minerals or INIKA Organic for some simple ingredients and lovely shades.

12. Blusher and bronzer balms – 15ml

Oh my God! I’m so in love with coloured balms at the moment. I started playing around with the natural formulations and adding lovely mineral pigments to them and they are working so well. You are going to have to stay patient, but they are coming soon and they are going to be gooood!

13. Natural make up products including Avril Eyeshadows, Avril Lipstick Pencil, Benecos Natural Eyeliner, etc.

Another good swap for you. Use lipstick pencils instead of a standard lipstick. Sometimes they count as liquid, sometimes they don’t. But this way you can just pack a couple of shades and don’t have to worry. Having a small bag with just powders, loose and pressed, and pencils is a good result.

What do you think of this list? What are your go-to products to pack on holiday?

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